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This is the bike shortly after I got it in August 2005. `97 Kawasaki Concours, ~35k miles.

Pictures and short videos my dad took in March 2006.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Crash date: 2006-07-16 ~12:30pm

Pictures of the crash scene taken by a coworker. The original hi-res pictures can be found here.

A composit of the corner.  Downhill, decreasing radius, and a recommended speed of 15mph. Some very nice people helping me not die. I'm told I get 10 points for style here. Leading up to the offending rock. The offending rock.

My gear after the crash. Missing left visor hinge. A few scuffs on the front. Close-up of the scrapes. Close-up of the scrapes, sans flash Back: A lot of scuffing and two small tears. Trying to show how the tread was worn down from the road in the corner.

My bike after the crash. Scrapes left by the bike bottoming out in the corner.